Personally I think side projects are very important.

Side projects are not just fun, thanks to my side projects I’ve built new skills, played with new stuff, showcased my work, and most importantly, I’ve failed. Side projects are very good for failing, and failing, eventually takes you to succeed.

Power Nap

The name says much about this app. In progress…

One Breath

A simple Android app that helps you recover your natural innate breathing with a simple breathing exercise. Learn More | Google Play | GitHub

One Movie

One Movie it’s an Android app that helps you discover random movies based on a filter of what you’d like to watch. Learn More | Google Play | GitHub


At EPCON CCS we created “The tacos app”, currently evolving into a new project in seed funding phase. Learn More | Google Play | App Store

Daily Prayer | Daily Bible | Daily Reflection

Three very similar simple RSS readers that provide short teachings, inspiration quotes, meditations and reflections for every day of the year. Learn More

*Other projects can be found on my GitHub and on Google Play.