Hello world, my name is Roberto. I am Mexican 🇲🇽 I am a husband 💍 I am a developer 💻 I am a learner 🤔 I work remote 🏕️.

Freedom is a possibility only if you’re able to say no.

Hi! This is me.

Born in Xalapa Ver. Mexico, a city I love, in 1992. There I got my love for coffee, rainy days, books, aerospace and there I was a child. Later I moved to Penjamo Gto. Mexico, a tiny town I love where I grew up and got my love for computers, which took me to my next stop, León Gto. Mexico, to enroll in a Software Engineering Degree and where I got my love for software.

From my very first “Hello World” in 2010, I knew that I had found my passion and that I would earn a living by coding, however, I couldn’t have possibly imagined where it would take me.

I always have something on my learning list, it may be a course when trying to expand my professional skill-set to keep up with the ever-changing software development world or just an article, tutorial or video I feel curious about. I try to carry some practices that help me to continue improving and to keep me in constant learning (Ask for help, observe more experienced friends and colleagues, try new ways, practice what I learn and, never leave my learning list empty).

My dream job starts with “Remote Job”. I really think remote jobs are great, I am so happy that this is a reality nowadays, the possibility to work with people from all around the globe and be able to engage as a team toward a common goal while enjoying the flexibility of being wherever you are most happy is magnificent.

But enough about me.

Want to work with me? Want to be my friend? Want to say hi?

Contact me.