A Day at the Office

9:13 – Start. I’ve just arrived to the office with a friend with I share transport, leave my stuff at my desk and I head to register my entrance hour…. I know, it seems kind of absurd to me, I think flexibility is better, but it’s the way it is.

9:30 – Breakfast. I eat a simple breakfast right at my desk while catching up with some news, YouTube subscriptions, personal emails and start figuring out my goals for the day with the help of my Wunderlist.

10:00 – Coffee. With my goals clear I just need one more thing to get fully started: My coffee. So I take my Contigo mug (which is awesome) and take it downstairs to fill it with the elixir.

loop coffee GIF

11:00 – Work, work, work, work, work. I like to code on the morning. I start by fixing some bugs previously assigned to me on our team platform VSTS and continue with any other assigned tasks.

12:00 – Daily SCRUM. Just like this photo of the Jedi council but in a much less cool and small room, standing up and with remote attendants joined by video, no holograms 😭.

Jedi Council


13:00 – Work, work, work, work, work. I Continue with my assignments, create a couple of pull requests and review a couple from my team.

14:00 – Meditation. Around this time I try to free myself for 10 minutes to meditate. I’m currently using Headspace app to do my meditations. It really helps me with my stress level, keeps me concentrated and I actually really enjoy it, it’s really nice to take 10 minutes and appreciate.

14:30 – Lunch. My co-workers and I go down to the cafeteria to have lunch. My current company is located inside a University so we share the cafeteria with the students. I’m still waiting for the food fight.

15:00 – Chatter. We head to an open area in the campus to sit and talk about everything. Just relax and take a few minutes to talk about everyone’s life, movies, tech, gadgets, comics, memes, and anything that comes up.

15:30 – Learn. Time to go back to the office. I love to learn, I always have topics on my list of things I want to learn about, so I like to spent this part of my day in learning, currently I’m focused on Android stuff, specifically Kotlin and how can I improve the architecture in my projects.

16:00 – Improve. By this time I usually focus on our improvement project, this include tasks like collaborating with co-workers on how to improve our development process, our continuous integration process, integration of new tools, best practices… Currently we’re under a CMMI certification process so I have a meeting with one of my co-workers to review the progress.

17:00 – Closing. I close tasks for the day and focus on any short task so I don’t leave unfinished tasks before I leave.

18:00 – Finish. I register my exit so that HR can be sure I worked 8 full hours.

A Day at the Office.

2017: A Recap

2017 has been the best year of my life. Here’s a short recap I want to share.

😱 January: I got in a terrifying ride. My wife is a true daredevil, she made me do it and I felt glad to be alive when I get off.


😍 February: It was our civil wedding, no big celebration because we were already planning our religious ceremony for September (spoiler), then me and my wife moved to a new house. It is such an exciting and thrilling adventure to share a place with the person you love.

💻 March: I got a new job. A little reluctant about it, the change, the thrill, the adaptation, the new routine, so many things in my head. It turned to be a good job, I’ve learned many things and I’ve worked with great people, I’m still working here.


⚔️ April: Went to a very cool event (Opera Picnic), and got a little nostalgic while enjoying a couple of AOE LAN parties.

🎂 May: I turned 25 years old.

💒 June: Lots of wedding planning.

🤙 July: Friends and Family. I reunited with some friends from college, had really good time and everybody was so hyped about the wedding (I’m the first of the group that gets married). Had a trip with family to a very nice cabin and a family reunion with my cousins.


🌊 August: Bachelor trip in Vallarta. My friends organized this awesome trip to the beach. I’m just grateful for having such cool friends.


❤️ September: Wedding. I got married with the love of my life. Definitively the best day of my year. I really had a great time, it was so much fun, watching our families and friends so happy, so many moments, so many feelings. A day I will remember all my life.


🍯 October: Honeymoon. Simply amazing. We spent some days on Holbox, a tiny island located in the Mexican Caribbean where I’m pretty sure the time goes much slower and another days in the city of Cancun in a big luxury hotel. Kind of opposite worlds… It was incredible to experience both.


🙃 November: Guanajuato City. We took a trip to one of my favorites cities I’ve known. It amazes me every time I go. Culture, art, history, museums, its tunnels network, and legends are some of the magic it has to offer.

🌲 December: Nature. I got the opportunity to spent some days at Mazamitla, a little town in the middle of the forest as part of the planning session for a software development startup where I collaborate: EPCON CCS. Great days, big fun, team work, and creativity. And also in December my wife got apendicitis… Well, shit happens…


So, a great year. Right? Huge thanks to all the people I got to share a moment with this year, my friends, my family, my team and specially to the love of my life Berenice, now my wife. You have made 2017, the best year of my life.




I’m Back

Hey! Long time no see…

I wrote my first post in this blog on June 23, since then I’ve written 3 more posts (this one included)…

I know, I know… Certainly, It’s not what I had in mind at the moment I started with this blog, I have a few excuses in mind: work, lack of time, mind block, and my favorite: I got married!

Yes! Programmers get married too!

Anyways, I’m back on track and really excited about this project, I’ve already started doing some reading and making some small changes in my daily routine to produce more constant content and here are a few thoughts:

Lack of time

This is not a valid excuse. This is a false problem, you can always make time for what’s important. I’ll create an schedule for writing within my routine.


As I’ve just said I will try to stick to a writing and publishing schedule, my goal will be a post per 2 weeks.


I’ll be searching for motivation constantly, I do have many things I want to write about, so I think that is not a problem right now, I just need to organize my ideas. For a start, I’ve just upgraded my WordPress.com plan from Free to Personal which allows me to use my custom personal domain (isscroberto.com) and removes the built-in ads among other perks.

So, Let’s get to it!

Best Gif Thumbs Up GIF


Why Study Software Engineering?

The exact same question I was asking myself 8 years ago… I knew I was really into engineering and technology so the answer was quite simple back then: Sure, why not?

Originals thinking think hmm sure GIF

The truth is… At that moment I was not aware of how much impact this decision would be, also, my decision was not very well founded, I’d never written a code line in my life and I did not know nothing about Software Engineering, however, things turned out well, I got in love️ with code and software ❤. I guess I was lucky 🍀.

Nowadays I do have some reasons that I wish I could share with my younger me and I want to share them with the young (and not so young) people out there that are asking themselves this same question.

1. Create

I’ve never pictured myself as a creative individual, however, as I was learning to code I realized that creativity and code are tied together. Being a Software Engineer allows you to materialize your ideas from virtually nothing (probably just a cup of coffee and your laptop), and share your creations with the entire world in a extremely easy way.

GIPHY Arts art artist create commission GIF2. Life Quality

It is one of the most happiest jobs in the world, many tech companies are famous because of their employees happiness and their organizational culture. You don’t like companies? No problem! You have the opportunity of pursuing the life style that you’re looking for, whichever it is. Top companies like Automattic (creators of WordPress) are promoting a full remote environment, you can work from anywhere in the world: Your home, a coworking space, a hammock on an island, an RV around the world… your choice. Amazing, right?

Topshelf Records beach ocean computer download GIF

3. Constant Learning

Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death. – Albert Einstein

Technology is evolving like crazy… Updates, new languages, new tools, new concepts, new challenges. There’s so much going on, the only thing you can do is try to keep up with this evolution by learning, let your curiosity take control, trying to find better ways, different solutions to the challenges you shall find and adapt to this evolving environment. Learning is important and fun!

What am I missing here? A lot, I’m sure.
Leave a comment and share your answer.

¡Hola Mundo!

Hello World!

I am Roberto, and my time to start a blog has come.

I will not try to tell you why I started this blog nor what do I plan to do with it, because the truth is…. I DON’T KNOW.

I just hope that this blog evolves alongside with me, challenging me, helping me to learn, to express myself and maybe, be found by a few kind readers who’d be interested in my words.