My Resume

Hi, if you’re reading this, most likely, you’ve received my application to work with you and I’m surely thrilled about the possibility to join you and make this world a better place.


  • I’m a software engineer passionate about coding
  • Always looking to apply this passion to make real positive impact on people’s lives
  • Within my last projects, I’ve been working building Android apps, Web applications and APIs
  • I’m currently focused on Android and .NET Core
  • My two strongest programming languages are Java and C#, I have experience with Kotlin and curiosity about Go
  • I maintain a few side projects to learn and as a creative outlet
  • My dream job starts with “Remote Job”
  • Know more about me

Roberto Orozco – Software Engineer

Full stack developer specialized primarily in Android and .NET Core.


  • 2017/03 – Present: Lead Developer @ Forte Innovation Consulting – León Gto Mexico
    • Led the design and development of multiple software projects
    • Web development using .NET Core and Angular 2
    • Android development with Java
    • Led the implementation of Continuous Integration with Visual Studio Team Services for multiple projects
    • Led the migration of multiple repositories from TFVC to Git and implementation of Gitflow Workflow
  • 2015/01 – 2017/02: Chief Technology Officer @ EPCON CCS – León Gto Mexico
    • Led the implementation of SCRUM to multiple software projects
    • Part of SCRUM team responsible for developing multiple web and mobile applications
    • API development using .NET Core and Android development with Java
    • Led the migration of multiple repositories from Subversion to Git
    • Manage roadmaps, tasks, and deadlines with teams and clients
  • 2014/07 – 2014/12:  Developer @ EPCON CCS – León Gto Mexico
    • Web development with ASP.NET MVC and Angular 1
    • Android development with Java
    • Software maintenance and support
  • Previous Experiences
    • Part of Universidad de La Salle software development cell


    • My personal blog where I write about my projects, my experiences, and my thoughts.
  • One Breath
    • A simple Android app that helps you recover your natural innate breathing with a simple breathing exercise.
  • One Movie
    • One Movie it’s an Android app that helps you discover random movies based on a filter of what you’d like to watch.
  • TacoCerca
    • Co-founded “The tacos app”, currently evolving into a new project in seed funding phase.